We’ll build the home, you’ll build the life.

Your new house has curb appeal. It is M.E.I.D.’s job to assist in ensuring that great aesthetics carry through the front door and into all areas of your home. Finely crafted details create an incomparable difference in both performance and visual appeal, and offer lasting beauty and comfort. So, allow your personal preferences to lead the way, and soon discover how these ideas translate into a pleasing and functional space. Focus on the intricacies of making your new house a ‘home’, and M.E.I.D. will concentrate on the big picture. Have confidence in knowing that all facets of quality construction (HVAC, electrical systems, plumbing, overhangs, etc.) will be expertly handled by M.E.I.D..


  • New Home Construction
  • Remodeled Construction
  • Rentals
  • Construction Management
  • Design
  • And MORE!


Adding space or reconfiguring an existing area adds new dimension to your home, while allowing you to stay in the neighborhood you enjoy.

We recognize that home remodeling demands sharing a portion of your home as well as the family activities that ensue during project completion. We are sensitive to this reality and do everything we can to ease the transition, while protecting your home and the safety of you and your loved ones.

M.E.I.D. also recognizes the significance of ideas and ingenuity as existing areas blend with new construction. The services we provide are backed by decades of experience, and will ensure that your finished project is tastefully crafted according to your personal design preferences.


The professional team at M.E.I.D. Companies look forward to working with you.